It's nearly time to watch the world elite come together and put everything on the line as they attempt to rewrite the record books, a clash of the titans as the world's greatest wheelie riders come together to be crowned the number one 1 kilo wheelie rider in the world, can anyone beat Ted Brady? WIll this be the year that we see a sub 230mph kilo wheelie? WIll we witness the unthinkable, is there fresh blood coming this year? The legends of landspeed bring the ultimate high speed weapons pushing the boundaries of what has ever been thought possible, will we see the unimaginable 300mph this year? Do NOT miss this incredible event of the year.


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Reservations Until:22/08/2021 12:00
Starts on:21/08/2021 08:00
Ends on:22/08/2021 16:30


£ 10.00