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TOTB Rules and Regulations


Rules and format of the Event


General Regulations - All to read – Bring these documents with you to the event

All competitors, guests and spectators hereby agree to accept the rules and terms of the event as set out and must abide by them at all times whilst on site as a condition of entry to the event. Anyone not complying may be refused entry or asked to leave site. No refunds will be given in any circumstances due to bad weather or the cancellation of the event.


No new competitors/rwyb entries will be taken on the Sunday of the event itself. A condition of entry includes agreement for Straightliners Ltd to use video/photographic images and interviews for their own purposes, including marketing and promotion. Copyright remains with Straightliners Ltd for all future use. Drivers must sign and hand in the attached forms at the Control cabin during signing on. Competitors will be given a set of 4 stickers to identify their car for timing purposes. These stickers to remain in clear view at all times. Four competitor number stickers must be placed on each vehicle. The back number can be put on the boot of the car as an alternative to the registration plate, but not on the windscreen. The front number sticker has 5 runs marked on it for when you race on the handling circuit and needs to be put on either the front windscreen or bonnet at the right side.  Failure to comply may result in non-timed runs. The organisers will NOT be held responsible for any non-timed Runs due to competitor numbers being illegible or misplaced.


Your competitor or pit lane pass must be clearly on show to gain access to the pit lane on the morning of the event. The pass should be stuck on the inside of your front windscreen.


Friends and family arriving with competitors in their/other vehicles must park in public parking and pay the admission fee at the gate if without tickets/wristbands. Two entry wristbands are supplied as part of your Sunday entry, one of which is for the driver. If camping, you must also show your camping pass in your front windscreen.


Please note that motorsport can be dangerous. Despite Straightliners Ltd taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk.


Site and Event Contacts

The Clerk of the course                                               Trevor Duckworth - Straightliners       07971 172210

Signing on/Results                                                      Helen Greathead - Straightliners         07921 712266

Pit lane Co-Coordinator for Competitors                      Dave Naxton                                       07759 627237


Entry to site/Registration Information for Competitors


Saturday 25th July Competitors may attend site between 8am-5pm to sign on, scrutineer their car/tyres, do noise test and to do practice runs. Such vehicles are then to be left on site after scrutineering which is only available between these times. All competitors are encouraged to attend during that period, as you will then avoid having to queue on Sunday morning to be checked. Competing clubs/groups will be allocated a designated parking area within pit lane from 9am on a first-come basis. Only Competitors and team reps are allowed to camp overnight alongside their vehicle in pit lane. General camping is available for public on site. Site traffic movement is to be kept to a minimum once on site. (Security on site all night)


Sunday 26th July Gates open between 7.30am-9am only for competitors/passengers/support vehicles. You must display your competitor pass to be allowed into pit lane. All competitors must report with their driving license, to the Control portacabin opposite the handling circuit entrance for signing on from 8am. All competitors must be signed on and ready for the 10.15am driver briefing to be held at the start of the Dragstrip. Should you miss the briefing you will not be allowed to compete without seeking approval in person from the clerk of the Course, Trevor Duckworth.


Scrutineering and noise testing will take place near the portacabin. No speeding on site anywhere. Only the registered drivers are able to drive their vehicle during the day. No other driver is allowed to race your vehicle. All registered drivers will be issued with a wristband at signing on. Official support vehicles/trailers with the correct pit lane pass may park on the grass area behind the competitor’s car, not on the concrete pit lane. Competitors must ensure their car is parked back tidily in their own designated area without blocking the queuing lanes when you are not actually racing or queuing.


Spectating - Public 25th/26th  July

Gates open from 9.00am for all public/club members for spectating. Designated spectator car parking is provided and must be used. Marshals will be covering the car parks during the day. All persons on site will be expected to behave and park responsibly. Anyone not doing so will be ejected from site. Anyone wandering from the designated spectator viewing areas will first be warned, then removed from site if need be. Racing will stop until such persons are returned to a safe spectating area. A admission fee per person will be payable on the gate, in cash only on the day for anyone without pre-paid entry tickets/wristband. 16 and under free with accompanying adult.


Venue Information and location

Serviced toilets will be provided in all main public areas. Trade stands and displays will be available, along with spectator seating. Event catering is provided on site, along with Ambulance, fire and safety personnel. Results are available throughout the day. Results will also be available online to competing teams from the TOTB website.


Elvington airfield is situated 7 miles south-east of York and 2 miles north-west of Elvington village. From the A64 it is signposted as the “Yorkshire Air museum”.YO41 4AU

Please be signed on by 10.15am.



Any Queries/problems on the day:

Contact the nearest Marshall who will advise, or direct you to the control point if required.


Cars- Rules & Regulations – READ AND ABIDE BY THESE RULES


All road class cars A, B or C must have:

Two front seats fitted and properly secured i.e. Driver and passenger seat. (Interior carpets and headlining can be stripped out, but cars must retain original bulkhead/firewalls with all holes properly plugged and sealed.) O.E seatbelts may be used for road cars which run slower than 9.5s 1/4m ET. (For sub 9.5s 1/4m cars a 4 or 6 point harness must be used along with an approved full roll cage). A working dashboard must be retained to incorporate a speedometer. Electrical safety cut-out switches and a plumbed in fire extinguisher are also mandatory for sub 9.5s 1/4m cars but optional for slower cars. It’s also recommended that a hand fire extinguisher is fitted in a secure manner and in an accessible position.



Road cars must have fully working headlights, indicators, horn, handbrake, front windscreen wipers, throttle return spring, securely fixed battery. (One working headlight may be removed for cooling purposes on the day.) Cars must retain normal road going appearance and use. Road class cars must also be capable of competing fully and effectively to our judgment on all 3 events to be allowed in Road class, this factor may be judged at our discretion and our decision is final in all respects.


Nitrous Oxide/Fuel – Nitrous refills on site are to be carried out in the specified Nitrous/fuelling zone and not in general pit lane..Do not bring large refill cylinders of nitrous to site as you will be barred from using them. Fuels must be stored in approved METAL jerry cans in the designated fuel area only. Plastic fuel cans are not acceptable.


Tyres must be “road legal”, with road legal tread pattern and DOT or E Marked, also Road legal minimum tread depth must be maintained at all times during the competition (1.6mm). Illegal or dangerous tyres will be excluded. Should it rain on the day the scrutineers will also decide which tyres may not be safe to run on in the prevailing conditions.


Acceptable Tyre types in general any road legal Tyre that is E Marked is allowed for general classes A, B or C.  The following DOT marked trackday tyres are also acceptable - Nitto 555’s, Toyo 888s, Dunlop DJ01 and new equivalent, Yokohama Advan A048R, BF Goodrich Comp TA, Michelin Pilot Sport, Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials (similar to Nitto 555s). Any Tyre currently listed in the MSA Blue Book 2011 list 1a and 1b is also acceptable. We may add/allow other similar tyres at our discretion but our decision is final.

Full Slick tyres and wrinkle walls are NOT allowed in Classes A, B or C


Trevor Duckworth (clerk of course) decision to be final in all cases.


We are allowing the use of the following types of tyres for dragway use only.

Hoosier drag radials and Mickey Thompson ‘ET Streets’. Competitors wishing to compete on the handling circuit will not be allowed to use these two tyre types. Any competitor caught using these types of tyres on the handling circuit will be disqualified from the event.


Safety All sub 9.5s 1/4m competitors must wear an approved fireproof race suit, gloves and helmet. This also applies if you will achieve a sub 9.5s 1/4m run for the first time on the day. Cars slower than 9.5s 1/4m- driver must wear a helmet and have fully covered arms/legs. (Open face helmets are acceptable). Insurance and personal liability cover is not included for competitors or their cars, you are therefore advised to arrange your own cover if required. This is a timed event and you should notify your insurers to check if covered. Motoring events can be dangerous and as a condition of entry you are present at your own risk.


Noise Regulations

General cars - 101db static measured at 0.5m at 45degrees from the exhaust tailpipe, taken at 3/4max rpm. If a bung is required to make this noise limit then it must be used all day.


Actual Event Times/Description

Please note these events are to be run on a friendly, fun, SAFE basis. All competitors and teams should read and comply with the rules and remember that these events are INVITE only; you may not be asked back if your on-site behavior is unacceptable. See separate timetable included in this pack.


Saturday 25th July 2020

There will be a round of the Straightliners Motorbike Championship, a round of the American Super Stock Championship and a round of the No Prep Championship being run on the Saturday.


All Sunday entrants can run on Saturday as practice.


Sunday 26th July 2020


Events: 1/4m Drag Racing and Top Speed- Main runway 10.30am-4.45pm (times may change subject to events/weather on the day

This is run with two cars at a time, head to head, in separate lanes. Timing gear and staging lights are used, with the elapsed time and speed taken at 1/4m distance from the start. There will also be 60 foot times available in both lanes. The right hand drag lane terminates just after this 1/4m distance, and the car in that lane must then immediately slow, turn right onto the return runway and come back to pit lane. You must NOT continue down the runway to the top speed trap area from this right hand lane. Anyone disregarding these instructions will be disqualified. You must not turn around on this runway!


If you are in the left-hand 1/4m lane you can do both a 1/4m and top speed attempt during the same run. If you wish to do a top speed run, you should indicate this to the start line marshal as you enter the staging area prior to your run. If possible put your hazard lights on to say that you wish to do a top speed run. Complete your 1/4m run as normal from this lane and continue accelerating down the runway, before passing a final speed trap at 1km distance. You must then brake back down to a low speed before finally turning right at the end of the main runway. This leads you back onto the return runway back to pit lane. The top speed trap (1km) is full runway width, with approximately 1/2m braking distance available before the final bend onto the return runway. You must then observe the 30mph max speed on all the return runway roads and 5mph in queuing areas. Keep to the right hand side of the return runway as you drive back, as you are not allowed to drive on the central section. Timing slips will be recorded for all runs and used for verification. The main computer records every individual run taken throughout the day, on all 3 events. Times will be available for all 3 events, collect them from the start line areas. Timing tickets will show your times and speeds, your name and position in class as at the time of you doing that run, and the person leading the class with the leading time.


Handling Circuit 10.30am-15:30pm  (times may change subject to events/weather on the day)

Throughout the day a separate handling course will be available. All competitors are limited to a maximum of 5 timed runs during the event. Once your 5 runs are completed you will NOT be allowed back on the handling area for any other runs. At the end of each timed run after you pass the finish line to stop the clock, you must then come to a complete halt within the STOP BOX for your time to count. This is for safety to prevent cars speeding away from the handling area. If you fail to stop completely then your timed run will NOT count nor be credited back. Marshals will red flag for anyone who fails to stop within the box. Any competitor repeatedly going off and destroying the circuit set up through poor driving or abuse will be prevented from finishing their laps. Should your car slide fully off/outside the coned circuit during the lap then that time is lost and the lap will not be credited back. After completing your timed run, you will be directed back into the main pit lane via the return barriers/return road, you may then return back to the main queuing lanes. If your run is halted part way through due to the car in front (safe gap used) spinning out then you may rejoin the head of the queue to restart that run. Timed runs will cease at 2.30pm when the top 5 cars will get the chance to do another 2 runs each. After this time, cars may run for fun only on the handling circuit if time permits before the final shootout. This is on a one-lap elimination with the fastest lap time winning.


Wet weather

If the track is wet, we will have a practice period where cars can run. These runs will not count as one of the 5 runs.


If it is wet and looks like it will be wet all day, then the Clerk of the Course will declare a wet race.


If there is an unscheduled delay, the number of runs to count will be reduced as we need to keep to the timetables.


Drag Strip and Top Speeds 10.30am-3.45pm (times may change subject to events/weather on the day)

The drag classes will be run on an open qualifying basis from 10.30am to 3.00pm. After that time the top 4 cars in each class will then be selected, and will be drawn to race each other, first across the line, loser eliminated. The top 4 in each class should make their way to the start line area and park up ready for 4.15pm. Times do not matter at this point, it's first across the line! All class leaders will be posted /called up after 3.45pm approx. If you are not ready or not in line for the run when called up after 4.15pm you WILL be eliminated. There are no second chances! After this time, cars may run for fun only on the drag strip if time permits.


Points Scoring

See attached list.


Please note additional trophies and prizes may be awarded from other event sponsors.

In the event of a tie for places the next best time/fastest speed may be used to determine overall standing.


Other Information



Professional camera teams may be onsite filming the event. As a condition of entry all competitors agree to our terms and conditions regarding filming and image rights. Competitors must allow unhindered camera access to their vehicle if so requested. This also includes fitting the in-car cameras before any filming runs. There is no restriction on people using their own in-car camcorders, as long as securely mounted using proper clamps at all times. There are however very strict terms and conditions regarding any public broadcast, reproduction or sale of such footage, and you should familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions on the image rights disclaimer, which must be completed at sign on.


Please note that no passengers are allowed in any competing vehicles at ANY time.


Car Clubs

All participating clubs/groups are encouraged to advertise the club/group name by means of banners, boards and displays. Flags will be permitted only if securely fixed. Only official Club merchandise may be sold on the day from club areas. Any display banners etc must be fixed securely and be safe, as responsibility lies with the clubs themselves. Any tools/equipment or fuel is brought onto site at your own risk and should be stored safely at all times.


Trade Displays

No unauthorised trade displays/stalls or marquees will be allowed on site, contact us in advance if you wish to have a trade display area. Only the officially entered “Tuner/Trade” competitors will be listed as such in all the event results and information/film footage. Public liability insurance cover is required on the day for trade displays.



All results will be collated during the day and will keep the teams informed. Final collation will be after all shoot outs have been completed, and any queries/discrepancies or objections should be noted to race control before this time. Timing slips may be issued to competitors throughout the day for them to keep, but each and every run is logged on the main computer system. Any objections about any competitor should be lodged immediately with the control/organisers. No objections can be lodged after the event closes. Our decision is final in all respects. All Trophies and awards will be presented at approx 5.15pm.


Commentary/General control

Drivers must fill in the attached commentary sheet and hand in at signing on. The marshals, timing, security/safety crew and the event in general are to be run from the main control unit located next to the start line area on the drag strip. In the event of any problems or queries on the day, please inform your group representative in the first instance, who should then report to the main control centre and ask to speak to Trevor Duckworth, or in an emergency contact a nearby marshal. The organisers reserve the right to amend or alter the format, event times, detail and rules of the event as required. 


Driver Checklist- bring the following on the day or you will not be able to race!!!


Road class competitors- A, B or C class

Driving license                                    

Commentator Form Filled in


Approved fireproof Race suit/gloves/boots if quicker than 9.5s 1/4m (proven or on day). Otherwise long sleeved clothing and covered legs are required for cars slower than 9.5s

Entry tickets you will be charged £20 per person on gate if you/passengers do not have your wristbands.

Competitor car pass clearly displayed in front windscreen prior to entry to site. (Support cars if pre-arranged for a support car then pass to be on clear display to allow pit lane entry. Please note we will not allow anyone without a correct car pass into pit lane.)

Exhaust bungs if required to pass noise test - must be used through day - you will be disqualified if you are over the noise limits in place. No refunds will be given for such situations.



All drivers must sign on before 10:15am on Sunday and display their competitor stickers correctly on vehicles as described above.  Please ensure you leave someone with your car in pit lane to unlock it for the scrutineers between 8am-11am. If your car is not scrutineered you cannot race.



Ten of The Best

Competitor Regulations


Points System


Pro Drag/Omega Class is basically a demo class where no points are awarded so these cars do not appear in the top 20 prints, and they do not have a shootout or eliminations. They will be given a D number.


Overall top 10 cars in each discipline are awarded 10 points down to 1 point (for Circuit, Quarters and Flyers, regardless of class). This includes all invited cars and those that do not run for any named club. 30 points maximum is available.


3 bonus points is awarded to the winner of the shootout for classes A, B and C.


3 bonus points is awarded to the winner of the Eliminations for classes A, B and C.


If a driver scores points in all 3 disciplines they are awarded 5 bonus points.


If a driver is in the top 15 in each discipline for their class, they are awarded 1 bonus point.


Individual Points


Points are awarded as described above regardless of whether drivers are in a team or not.


Team Points


One make teams will get 4 starting points awarded. Minimum of 6 cars needed to make a team.


Points are awarded as described above after ignoring any drivers that are not in a team.


The team shield award will be given to the team with the highest combined points score gained during the day, from handling, top speed and ¼ mile drag strip including any bonus points gained.


In the event of a tie, the team trophy will be shared equally during the following year.


If the track is wet, we will have a practice period where cars can run. These runs will not count as one of the 5 runs.


If it is wet and looks like it will be all day, then the Clerk of the Course will declare a wet race.


If the track is wet or there is an unscheduled delay the number of runs to count will be reduced as we need to keep to the timetables.


Provisional Points to be calculated every half Hour.


If there are any queries regarding points, these need to be registered before 4pm.


The points will be calculated at the bottom of the control tower.



Circuit Timetable


10:30   Racing starts


14:30   Cut-off for Top 5 on handling circuit


 Cars can do demo runs until the Top 5 cars are ready


14:45   Top 5 in each class get 2 more runs each


15:30   Top 2 shootout for each class




Quarters Timetable


10:30   Racing starts


15:45   Cut-off for eliminations


Cars can do demo runs until the cars are ready for eliminations


16:15   Eliminations for classes A, B and C


16:45  Final Points calculated  


(times may change subject to events/weather on the day)